Eduditra, exciting times

There have been situations in history, where individuals or a society has had an opportunity, but there has not been the right momentum. So, the opportunity has been wasted, and the next chance has come much later to someone else. For example, in ancient Alexandra in Roman Egypt, mathematician and engineer Hero developed Aeolipile, a wildly rotating steam ball, which can be considered as the first known radial steam turbine. However, he, or no one else at the time, did not find any practical use for it; it was taken only as a gimmick or a trick for temples. It took over 1700 years for the next opportunity and momentum to come into Great Britannia and James Watt. They seized an opportunity, there was the momentum, and the rest is history. But think if they didn’t, if the momentum has tailed off, what would our world look like today?

Long introduction, emphasizing the importance of the specific situation and the momentum we have right now. Although COVID19 is a global catastrophe, it forces us to find new ways to proceed, also in education. Education digitalization is one way to cope with COVID19 pandemic, but it is more than that. Education digitalization enables completely new ways of learning and teaching, it makes it possible to react and respond to changing world at short notice and to provide personalized solutions to lifelong learning. We must seize the opportunity and the momentum right now.

In the podcast done in the Eduditra project (in co-operation with Eduix, Glowdom and Haaga-Helia University of applied sciences) Sebulon David and Iina Shiwute discuss about the education digital transformation in Namibia, how the first year of Eduditra project has gone and how to see the momentum and seize the opportunity we have right now.

Listen to the podcast here.