Get to know Sustainable Me

Sustainable Me is our Artificial-Intelligence (AI) tool that profiles students’ competences and interests, so they can efficiently transform their learning paths into professional skills. The tool was developed in partnership with HeadAI. Our business cooperation has also resulted in another AI tool: the Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) AI-scorecard for assessing the extent that education curricula address the SDGs.

Imagine this …

Marek is a Polish student starting his Degree Programme in Medicine. Priya is an India company employee willing to advance on her job position. Taru wants to radically change her career in Finland, from programmer to engineer. Despite their differences, they are all about to ask themselves: what should I learn next?

Sustainable Me is a tool to help students, employees, and career changers to understand:

  • what professional competences they already have,
  • what competences they want and need to learn,
  • and what paths they can take to reach their goals.

The users build their skills’ profile based on their hobbies, education, jobs and careers, and the tool transforms the users’ interests into actionable learning paths.

How does it work?

Sustainable Me, an AI-based tool, identifies students’ skills and interests from different text sources. Then, it creates a student skills profile. The tool also identifies matching skills from education offerings and recommends new courses for up-skilling. In other words, Sustainable Me recommends personalized learning paths according to a student’s own skills and interests. Therefore, it can be used for career coaching and recognition of previous learning.

With Sustainable Me, we bring to reality the meaning of personalized learning. The AI-machine is able to recognize skills and interests in a speed that makes recognition of prior learning a fast stage towards study and career planning. As a consequence, study counselors and students can engage more efficiently on planning their learning path.

Impact at HEIs

Sustainable Me is currently being deployed in a pilot study in a Finnish Higher Education Institution. We expect that, by using the program, students are

  • able to make faster and better decisions regarding their education paths,
  • genuinely motivated to attend courses,
  • reduce dropping out from courses.

Moving forward

Our current audience are education institutions such as vocational training schools, universities and universities of applied sciences (UAS).

Soon, we will also develop Sustainable Me for companies that want to find out what is the skills profile of their organization. With the tool, companies can get recommendations about studies that the employees should take in order to achieve their future goals.

For more information about Sustainable Me, contact Laís Oliveira Leite (