Eduix wishes

Despite its challenges, the year 2021 has been a mark for the internationalization of Eduix’s operations. The fact that I am writing this post in Brazil, right now, is one of its milestones. If we make a timeline of what has happened during this year, we should notice that:

Currently …

I am in my home country, after 2 years of a long wait in between a pandemic, not only to visit my dear family and friends, but also to talk with education stakeholders about Eduix and our vast experience in digitizing education processes. We believe we can support Brazilian education institutions in promoting high quality hybrid and online education with our edtech solutions!

In November ….

We started our new blog series “Eduix by Eduix”, in which we talk about our solutions from the perspective of the people who develop it, our specialists (i.e. software engineers and developers, business designers, project coordinators, and corporate quality assurance specialists).

Our first post was about Olli Ovaskainen, one of our valuable software engineers, who coordinated the development of one of our most recent solutions, an online Reporting System for planning, budgeting, and monitoring funding expenses.

In October …

Eduix participated in the X International Symposium on Research, organized by the Colombian Association of Higher Education Institutions with Professional Technical, Technological or University training (ACIET).

We were also nominated as the most innovative solution in Inclusion & Empowerment from Finland with one of our most recent solutions Sustainable Me (YAY). We are following up the news with fingers crossed in the World Summit Awards.  

In September …

We finalized the project Edupreneurs: Networking and Empowering Education Enterpreneurs Towards a Resilient EdTech Ecosystem in Southern Africa. The project happened from March until September, and it resulted in three main impacts:

  1. A digital platform for edupreneurs and education institutions to network in B2B and B2C relations
  2. Capacity building workshops in the fields of building a business ecosystem, writing funding application projects, and
  3. A recommendation paper about lessons learned and best practices undertaken during the project.

In April …

Eduix participated in the event “Nordic Innovations in Education”, which aimed at highlighting Nordic companies who are developing cross-cutting digital solutions for emerging challenges in education. The event was organized by the 4SmartGrowth programme, in cooperation with the Chilean partner Momento Cero. From that moment, we have prospected potential partners in Chile.

In February …

We lunched our AI-based SDG scorecard tool that makes sustainable development tangible and concrete. The AI tool compare the curricula contents of education to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The tool discovers essential information with the use of Big Data to support decision making in education.