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Organizing distance education

April 9 2020

During Covid-19, many countries had to interrupt their school routines and establish distance education as the only way to continue teaching. However, this situation poses several challenges for all stakeholders, especially teachers.

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During the Covid period, the basic version of Formjack is free for all teachers. This lowers the threshold of using it and also minimizes the bureaucracy and time that shifting into distance education requires. Read more at (link opens in new tab).


EUNIS cancelled

March 27 2020

The EUNIS 2020 conference in Helsinki has been cancelled due to the Covid-19 pandemic. Keep an eye on our news to find out about future events that we will participate in.


Meanwhile in Namibia

March 11 2020

Written by Sebulon David

The co-operation project with Haaga-Helia, Eduix Ltd and Glowdom has progressed to first concrete pilot tests. During February, Altti Lagstedt had a very busy time in Namibia, together with Sebulon David of Glowdom. They met interesting groups, refined the Ahaa-ecosystem model and planned the pilot tests of both FormJack and Wihi -products with education representatives. They also attended the Python conference “PyCon Namibia 2020”, where Altti was a keynote speaker and Sebulon had a “light talk” presentation.

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Greetings from Mindtrek

Feb 27 2020

Written by Altti Lagstedt

I held a presentation in the Smart City Mindtrek, where I talked about “Digitalizing teaching and learning processes in emerging markets”. There I discussed our innovative expert-oriented approach to develop meaningful information systems.

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An exciting cooperation agreement

Feb 26 2020

Written by Altti Lagstedt

In January 2020, Eduix Ltd. and Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences started a very special cooperation. The main target of this innovative partnership is to find sustainable ways to digitize education processes in emerging markets.

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Haaga-Helia and Eduix commission research on the digitalization of education processes

Feb 7 2020

Haaga-Helia University of Applied Sciences and Eduix have started a two-year partnership regarding a commissioned study that aims to develop new ways to digitize education. Read more about the project on Haaga-Helia's website.


Meet us in EUNIS 2020!

Dec 4 2019

We are excited to announce our partnership in EUNIS 2020 conference in Helsinki, Finland on June 10-12 2020!

EUNIS 2020 is a one of a kind platform that will bring together leaders, IT professionals and scientists responsible for the management, development and policies of IT for higher education across Europe. Read more at the official website.


Eduix in Namibia

Dec 4 2019

Software development, deployment and maintenance are an essential part of our services. What distinguishes us from others is our expertise in the combination of education processes and software development. That is something we want to share with the world.

On Ahaa! blog, you can read more about our cooperation in Namibia with Glowdom, our local partner.