Responsibility at Eduix

Corporate responsibility means taking responsibility for the social, economic and environmental impact of a company. At Eduix, corporate responsibility focuses on social impact, i.e. impact on people. The impact on people is manifested in our operations and in the products and services we Eduix provide. Responsible action takes the direct and indirect impact of the company into account.

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The Code of Eduix is the way our company and our employees act carefully and responsibly in everything we do.

The Code of Eduix provides concrete answers to questions such as:

  • How do we operate? How do we develope and deliver services in a resource-wise and sustainable way?
  • How do we manage risks? How do we ensure information security?
  • How do we ensure accessibility and usability of our products?
  • How do we protect personal data?
  • How do we ensure the well-being of our employees at work?
  • How do we operate profitably and sustainably?
  • What kind of an environmental footprint are we leaving?
  • What kind of a digital footprint are we leaving?