We change societies

We started by building legacy information systems. It has required hard work to transform into designing, implementing and delivering flexible, customer-oriented digital tools that help revitalize education processes all over the world — and that’s the way we like it. We have the talent, capabilities, experience and vision to make this change happen. Our proven track record sets the pace. Our open design and development model ensures transparency and value for money.

Eduix Ltd.

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We are a financially stable, growing company full of data management experts. A significant portion of our customers work in the education sector in Finland and other Nordic countries. Our guiding principles are responsibility, transparency, and sustainability.

Our journey has lasted for over two decades, and it has included dozens of successful projects and great customers. We value long-term customer relationships and invest in strong partnerships.

Our goal is to change societies around the world by digitizing education processes
90% of Finnish higher education institutions already use our products in their everyday life. We want to deliver the same possibilities to students and teachers around the world.
Our partnership network is growing as we are hitting the international markets. Interested? Let’s meet!
We have been profitable since the beginning in 1996. Our goal is to fulfill our customers’ needs economically, efficiently and sustainably.
We meet our customers’ challenges by utilizing our expertise in software and education processes
Our data management professionals provide development, deployment and maintenance services to our customers.

Our services & products

We digitalize education processes. But what does that mean?

In practice, we solve our customers' everyday problems, such as the following examples: How can a thesis coordinator decrease the number of e-mails while managing the thesis process of students that are about to graduate? How can students apply to higher education via an online exam without having to travel from one city to another?

Our products and services are always co-developed with customers according to their needs. Our experts have years of experience in digitizing simple processes as well as producing complicated report views.


The Peppi ecosystem provides digital support for education institutions

You could call the Peppi software an ERP for education (Education Resource Planner). The majority (almost 80%) of Finnish higher education institutions run their daily routines on code developed by Eduix. With Peppi, they organize and deliver the best education in the world.

Peppi encompasses all the processes and phases of obtaining a degree and guides students through their studies digitally. System functionality and user experience are integrated.

Read more about Peppi (link opens in new modal)

Forms & workflow tools

Tools for collecting and managing information

With the Formjack workflow manager, you can manage both simple and more complex information collection and management needs, such as enrollments, recruitment or surveys, all the while maintaining the ease, security, and flexibility that such processes require. The software gives you means to organize and handle responses, and you can view them within Formjack or export them into spreadsheet and statistics programs.

In addition to a form builder, Formjack is a versatile platform for digital services. Through verification and approval phases that are created and maintained within the software, organizations can move requests and other kinds of data from one processor and phase into another.

In addition to Formjack, we can also offer you other products. Read more about the thesis project management system Wihi (link opens in new modal), the enrollment system Ilpo (to be added), and the Course Feedback System (to be added).

Formjack (link opens in new tab)


for storing and managing data

Event- and phenomenon-based Collecte offers museums and archives a modular storage platform. It enables its users to flexibly publish and sotre data on any external service.

The data is stored on the platform securely and systematically. The system can be used in many different ways — for example, in museums, archives and libraries or in schools where students can find information about stored objects, literature, photographs and/or art collections.

We develop Collecte with agile methods together with customers and partners. Since Collecte can have an unlimited number of users, your organization can grow without concern.

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Other services & products

Process digitalization experts at your service

Our professionals provide development, deployment and maintenance services to our customers. What distinguishes us from others is our expertise in the combination of education processes and software development.

Whether you want to digitize your entrance exams or find a way to collect data more efficiently, let us know. We just love challenges.

Interested? Great, let’s start a conversation.

Our customers, partners and values

Together with our customers and partners, we make enduring changes in societies economically and sustainably and with quality.

Most of our current customers are higher education institutions in Finland. While we will continue serving our Finnish customers, we are aiming towards international markets. We are looking for long-lasting partnerships around the world. We hope our partners share our values and mission as they are described above.

If you share our passion for changing the world, let’s talk and find ways to cooperate!

Read more about our journey in Namibia with Glowdom, our partner. (link opens in new tab)


Decades of experience and the detailed knowledge of a customer's business enable us to select technology that is the most suited for any given software project. Our toolbox often includes — among others — Java, PHP, Elasticsearch, Docker, and Python.

We continuously evaluate new technologies. When selecting them, we always value functionality, maintainability, and longevity.

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