Teachers engagement and strategies for hybrid schooling

Eduix, in collaboration with the Learners Corner Education Tech Hub organised a webinar about “Teachers Engagement and Strategies for Hybrid Schooling”. The webinar was designed to address teachers’ needs to enhace their own motivation in teaching in our current era of hybrid learning. The content aimed to support educators with strategies to thrive in the hybrid schooling environment.

You can find the Webinar recording here !

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Eduix supports Karelian thesis management process

Eduix cares deeply about how our solutions are helping our customers to address their challenges and how we can improve our services. In this interview, Tarja Kuppiainen, a principal lecturer in tourism and hospitality management at the Karelia University of Applied Sciences (UAS), shared with us how Wihi has supported the university to manage thesis work.

She told us how thesis work used to be before the adoption of Wihi at Karelia, the training process of teaching supervisors how to use Wihi and the workflow change management at the university deployed during Wihi implementaiton. She also underlined the main benefits that Wihi brought to her daily work, considering the way that Wihi structures thesis phases and facilitates thesis management data analysis for decision making, as featured in the image below.

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Developing a sustainable digital strategy for museums

About a month ago, the ReInHerit H2020 published a very informative webinar on 

Collaboration in digital heritage: networks, resources, and digital strategies development

The presenter, Ass. Prof. Chiara Zuanni, introduced the main points that one needs to take into account when developing a sustainable digital strategy for museums. Her presentation goes over the topics:

  1. Why develop a digital strategy
  2. How to start
  3. What to include
  4. How to evaluate it
  5. Where to find more resources

She focused on the process of digitizing collections and fostering digital engagements, emphasizing why this is important according to current European policies as well. I cannot over-recommend the webinar, which you can access here!

For those who prefer a textual summary of her presentation, below you find some of the main points she highlighted.

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“A key feature of a good software developer: to be able to ask the right questions.”

Customer satisfaction is key to the success of any business or organization. In today’s fast-paced world, where customer expectations are high, it is important to develop systems that can handle their needs efficiently and improve their work processes. This is particularly important in work fields such as financial project management, where data accuracy is critical to make sure that the financial situation of a project is under control. In this blog post, we explore the story of Thomas Hyllested, a service and contract manager at NORDUnet, who needed a system that could handle refined data required to report monthly project cost from several Nordic organizations.

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All EYEs ON TAMK 2023

March is a special month for Eduix: for the second year we will participate in the Education Leadership Forum organized by TAMK. This time, though, we are not only sponsoring the event, but we will highly contribute with its content. This year, the Forum will be part of the EYE ON TAMK event, which will happen between March 20th-24th.

The programme is full of food for thought and we will be immersed on discussions, presentations, workshops, and networking events about (Re)connecting Professional Networks in Education.

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Operationalizing universities’ cultures and pedagogical leadership towards the SDGs

In 2015, the international community signed 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) to reach a better and equal society, as well as care for their ecosystems by 2030. Among the 17 goals, the fourth was established to be Quality Education, aiming to “ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all” (United Nations, 2017).

How universities have been addressing the SDGs

At the halfway point, and aware of the remaining challenges to achieve the SDGs, higher education institutions (HEIs) around the globe have a critical role to engage with the SDGs in their everyday pedagogical and administrative practices, across subjects and work fields, in three main fronts:

  • Education planning (teaching, learning, research)
  • Organizational governance
  • External leadership and impact

To assist HEIs in concretizing their education planning concerning the SDGs, Eduix and HeadAi have developed an unique artificial intelligence (AI)-based Scorecard capable of analyzing HEI’s education programs and curricula in regards to the SDGs.

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Eduix participates in the webinar: Business Resilience through Talent Funding

It is proven that resilience and leadership are important factors of future development of businesses. They will be discussed in the webinar organized by the Nordic-Asean Business Forum (NABD) with support from Business Finland. 

Representing Eduix, at 10h35 I will give a short introduction about Eduix, and contribute with my perspectives on how a diverse team in a Finnish company benefits its business, what are the challenges of being an international talent (for me and the company), my contribution to the international market, and my message for Finnish companies in hiring international talents.

Hope to see you there!

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Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

This year we have supported Team Rynkeby’s fundraising for Aamu Suomen Lasten Syöpäsäätiö and Sylva ry.

Money is needed

Pediatric cancer remains the most deadly disease among children aged 1-15 years. That is why we support Team Rynkeby, which raises millions of EURO’s every year for the Childhood Cancer Foundation.

The majority of the funds raised go to vital research so that more children can survive cancer with fewer survivor effects.

We wish all our customers and partners a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 2023!

Wihi truly supports students’ personalized learning

Although “personalized learning” has been a buzz term in the education field, there are not many concrete examples of holistic edtech approaches to the change in teachers’ work that actually supports personalized learning for their students.

A team of Finnish researchers, in collaboration with Eduix, have addressed this problem within the core task of university’s students: thesis writing and project management. For that, they developed Wihi to support the supervision and management of thesis work, considering the needs of the three players involved in such academic projects : the students, their supervisors, and the faculty coordinators – who need to monitor the progress of such work.

“On one hand, Wihi is a tool for teachers to supervise thesis processes, but on the other hand, it is a tool helping the thesis-writing students to organize their work in individual level.”

Lindstedt et al. (2021)
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