Digitalizing research work and academic projects with Wihi

Continuously producing high quality research is a core activity of research centers, such as universities. However, managing such academic projects at the institutional level is still quite a challening task for everyone involved: students, supervisors and faculty coordinators.

When students start working on their graduation work, be it a Bachelor/Master thesis or a PhD. dissertation, many think that it will be a linear process that will progress continually. Many coordinators also expect that the communication between students and supervisors will be fast, productive, and well documented, allowing for students to meet all the deadlines and supervisors to be aware of any issues their students are facing. 

However, in reality, writing a thesis is a complex and multi-directional process, in which students and supervisors end up not documenting all their agreements and they lose track of what should be done. In many cases, deadlines are lost and supervisors are not aware of issues their students are facing.

Constrast between expectations and reality in managing research development

With Wihi, expectations meet reality.

Students can write a topic proposal with all needed information, including the commitment to follow good scientific practices. After the topic proposal, together with the general plan and schedule, is accepted, students develop their academic project within Wihi. They can upload versions of their thesis, write comments to the supervisors asking for advises, add new tasks to their calendars and continuously update their thesis information.

Wihi interface for students’ research development

On the other side, supervisors can track all student progress within Wihi as well, checking in which phase the student is, reading their comments, and confirming personal information. Supervisors can accept a phase when it’s finished, moving the students to the next one. And they can set a second evaluator. Finally, supervisors and faculty coordinators can also view the whole faculty progress through the programme reports.

Managing research progress from supervisors’ perspective

Benefits of better managing research development

The benefits of using Wihi are many.

For students, it streamlines the academic and investigative process with documented phases and dialog between supervisor and student in the platform. Wihi also supports the student systematic writing process.

For supervisors and faculty coordinators, Wihi supports student monitoring, it has special features for cooperation with external contributors (e.g. funding company), and provides up-to-date reporting for efficient decision making.

Finally, thanks to Wihi, supervisors can advise more students better, which reduces the number of drop-out rates and brings growth to the institution, with more published papers, increased ranking classification, metrics results and funding, everything with modern digital solutions.

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