Transforming Educational Management Systems Through Tech

Eduix Ltd and the Learners Corner Education Tech Hub organized another online discussion about “Transforming Educational Management Systems Through Tech”, where we addressed advantages and challenges of EMIS and the relevance of systematic data collection and analysis for education sector development.

📈 In today’s fast-evolving world, data has emerged as a driving force shaping educational strategies at all levels, from teachers and principals to policy makers. Educational data plays a pivotal role in addressing critical challenges such as dropout rates and literacy levels. It is instrumental in achieving Sustainable Development Goal 4, emphasizing the need for global collaboration in improving education. Effective monitoring, reliable data collection, and evidence-based decision-making are the cornerstones of educational development, especially in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic.

🎓 However, as we embrace technology and data, we must also address ethical concerns surrounding data usage and prioritize privacy and security. Accessibility, too, cannot be relegated to an afterthought. It’s imperative that we develop EMIS with an accessibility lens, ensuring inclusivity for all.

✨You can watch our panel session on our Youtube channel ! ✨

The agenda of our webinar session was:

🔹Presentation by Mr. Oshideko Abiodun, currently the Director and Head of Unit of Education Management Information Systems of Agency for Mass Education, Adults and Non-Formal Education in Lagos State Ministry of Tertiary Education. He graduated in Horticulture with a Master in Educational Management and Administration.

🔹Presentation by Mr. Sebulon David, currently Glowdom CEO, he holds a Degree in Computer Sciences from the University of Namibia and has been recognized as a USA Mandela Washington Fellow for young African leaders, as well as an ambassador for UNESCO and various initiatives, such as SAP Africa Code Week and the Africa- Asia CODEMAO. 

Followed by a very warm and interactive Q&A session, where participants engaged with the speakers and we got to learn a lot directly from the speakers’ experience on the ground for integrating technology into education.