Eduix takes corporate and social responsibility seriously

Written by Sirpa Pajula and Laís Leite

Social responsibility encompasses all the company’s and employees’ activities towards people. From the closest co-worker to the farthest partner.

Sirpa Pajula

The foregoing description is the author’s own definition, Eduix’s manager of corporate responsibility. In order for it to “really work” in practice, it requires that a responsible mindset be built into the company’s operating culture.

Closeup of a woman's hands typing on a laptop that is on a wooden desk with a mobile smartphone and mouse computer

The software industry is being plagued by the “revolving door effect”, i.e. the best people do not enjoy the same job for a long time and it is difficult to keep the best ones if they are not engaged and interested in the company’s work culture, environment, and values. The shortage of experts in the software industry has made the situation even worst and companies promise a lot of benefits for its developers. If promises are not implemented, the best people will not stay in the workplace for long.

As a small software company, Eduix cannot compete with large companies for employee benefits and does not see it as a sustainable solution for engaging and motivating employees”  

says Sirpa Pajula

On the other hand, social responsibility has been a value and operating culture of Eduix since the company was founded in 1996. Successful recruitment meets the company’s values ​​and operating culture, as well as the values ​​that the employees consider important and the opportunity to do meaningful work.

In order to expand even more its social responsibilities, Eduix partnered with the start-up company Ronsam Digital Oy for its genuine desire to helping and asking for help in an easier way with the Commu application. In other words, Eduix is involving its employees to promote social responsibility beyond its internal work processes.

Laís Leite, Eduix’s education consultant from Brazil, explains that since Eduix partnered with Ronsam Digital Oy, all its employees has the possibility to login in the Commu app through Eduix’s organization account. Then, we can use one working day just to help and ask for help through the Commu app and this is counted as a normal working day for Eduix.

I’ve tried using it for training my Finnish speaking skills. So I asked to meet people and have short conversations in Finnish. That helped me a lot!

Laís Leite

If you are interested to know how you can involve your work into social responsibility, read more how companies can take social and corporate responsibility into practice by using Commu app here !