En route to a sustainable future: Agenda2030-tool by Eduix, HeadAI and Metropolia University of Applied Sciences

For Eduix, this year has already seen some interesting software development with limitless potential. One of such is our current project regarding sustainable development in higher education institutions (HEIs), created in co-operation with our AI-partner company HeadAI, and the Metropolia University of Applied Sciences.

In this project, we have created an analysis tool, which can be used to compare project material – or in this case curriculum descriptions and data – to the UN Sustainable Development Goals from the year 2015. The goal of the tool is to aid the university decision makers in analysing the current situation and to develop their curriculums towards their stated goal to support sustainable development. 

The Agenda 2030 analysis tool is an internationally unique tool that can be used for, for instance:

  1. Education planning: How do we design our curriculums and courses in order to support the students in achieving skills and methods for sustainable development in their working life? 
  2. Project evaluation (i.e. development projects): How well does the project support the achievement of the sustainable development goals? Has sustainability been taken into account in the project plan? 
  3. Funding decisions: Are the SDG:s present in the investment possibilities? Have they been taken into account?

“As a long-term partner of Metropolia, we are happy to take this unprecedented step together towards the 2030s. In this project, Eduix has been the actor responsible for the user experience – i.e. the visualization of the analysis and the user interface”, says Pauliina Halme, Eduix’s Partner Director.  

“This close collaboration between our three organizations has been a rewarding experience, and we look forward to all the opportunities such a tool presents in the future. It is also interesting to see all the future software we will create in the realm of competence identification and data-driven development of education, something which we are already developing together.”  

The founder of HeadAI, Harri Ketamo, highlights that the analysis tool has been created in order to make sustainable development tangible and concrete. “We have created an AI tool to compare the contents of education to the UN Sustainable Development Goals. The tool discovers essential information with the use of Big Data to support decision making in education.” 

The tool is a part of a larger development project

The Agenda 2030 tool is a part of a development project aiming to fortify the connection between education and work life. As part of the overall solution, we are building tools to support continuous learning. 

The overall solution is developed to support students, work life and R&I. The goal is to create cost-efficient tools for Metropolia to develop their education services by answering the following questions: 

  1. What skill sets do the teachers in Metropolia have? How do they correspond with the learning goals set for each course? → Appointing teachers to courses according to resources available
  2. What kind of know-how does working life need? How can this be incorporated in what Metropolia is teaching its students? 
  3. Will the students learn skills needed not only now but in the future with regards to global issues needing to be addressed? 

We would be more than happy to discuss this tool and possibilities related to it with you. If interested, please contact Pauliina, p. +358 50 537 1652, pauliina.halme@eduix.fi, and we’ll set up a meeting!