Eduix’s Lais Oliveira Leite attends panel discussion in ADEA Triennale 2022

Education Consultant Lais Oliveira Leite attends panel discussion Embracing digitalisation to improve the sustainable delivery of education and training in Africa in ADEA Trennale 2022. The ADEA Triennale on Education is one of Africa’s high-level forums for political dialogue. The conference focuses on critical themes that transform Africa’s educational systems for sustainable social and economic development (

The objective of the panel discussion is to share experiences and working practices around EdTech issues, share ways how African countries are supporting ICT-oriented education and explore possibilities in regional cooperation.

The panelists in the session are:

  • Hon. Edgar Moyo, Deputy Minister of Primary and Secondary Education, Zimbabwe
  • Assoc. Prof. Dr. Mohammad Santally, Pro VC Planning and Resources, University of Mauritius.
  • Ms. Jacinta Akatsa, Director, CEMASTEA, Kenya
  • Laís Oliveira Leite, Education consultant at Eduix ltd. 

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